Public Relations

Relations between Latin America and Monaco

In anticipation of future trips to Spain or Latin America, Buenos'er can assist you in setting up meetings and appointments.

We can also help in writing official mail or any commercial document. And via Skype , we are able to stay in touch while you are traveling abroad.

Providing assistance for your conventions in Monaco

Buenos'er can propose personalized assistance to Spanish-speaking business men and women during their convention in the Principality.

We can also provide support at any time , for shorter periods, thus allowing you to fully enjoy your stay without worring about the language barrier.


  • Simone G.

    Since my son Luca has been taking Spanish lessons with Madame Rosen,
    we have seen a huge improvement in his Spanish grades at school, he has gained confidence 
    in speaking and is now really enjoying learning Spanish.
    Madame Rosen's lessons are fun and interesting and give children the will to learn. 
    I would highly recommend Madame Rosen !
  • Sergio Camoletto - AFIM SAM President

    For two years, I took private Spanish lessons with Paula Rosen at my office.
    Thanks to Paula, I have been able to speak and read correctly this beautiful language,
    which allowed me to travel all around South America without any difficulties.
    Paula has a personal teaching method in which she shines, applying fun in each lesson. 
    Additionally she has been helpful with specific translations and assisting in phone calls with lawyers. 
    I do strongly recommend her ! 
  • Romane M.

    I do strongly recommend Paula Rosen to all those interested in learning spanish.
    Thanks to her, I have been able to speak and communicate during my travels all around South America.
    The Skype lessons have been very useful to me.
    She is a very kind lady and a dynamic teacher. 
    Muchas gracias !